M&E Track Separation





M&E TracK


M&E separation is the process of creating separate audio tracks for videos that have only one master audio track with music, sound effects and vocals. 


This service is primarily used for older films & television episodes for them to be dubbed in new languages.


The process of creating new translated scripts from either the original script, video or audio. Our translation process doesn't just mechanically translate a script but also creatively localises the content for the target demographic.

Our expertise lies in Indian languages. Although, we also have a network of highly experienced translators for all major global languages.





Once we have a translated script, the content now needs dialogues and other vocals in to be re-recorded for the new language. 

With our expertise in all major Indian languages, our voice bank of over 2000 experienced voice talents and our state-of-the-art recording studio; we can guarantee the highest quality of dubbed vocals with the perfect cast. 

We are also equipped and certified to delivery high quality and technically precise audio for speech synthesisers and AI voice assistants. 


After the translation process, our technicians then create scripts timed as per the original video. The text of this timed script is then slapped onto the video file to create subtitles in all majorly used to subtitle formats (SRT, SSA, SBV, Closed Captions, etc.)

All final files then go through multiple quality checks for text, time and overall quality before they are delivered back to the client.